Christmas home worship:

Family photo 2013

1.     As you light the Christ candle in your worship centre for the first time, light a candle on a birthday cake for Jesus, too. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus, or another appropriate Christmas song.

2.     Gently place the baby Jesus into the crèche, then add the angels and bring the shepherds into the stable. Pick an appropriate carol to sing as you carry out each of these actions.

3.     Consider learning and singing a newer song such as SS 25 A stable lamp is lighted.

4.     You may want to sleep in the living room on Christmas Eve, near the poster, the crèche, and the tree, as a way of identifying with Mary and Joseph sleeping in an unusual place this night.

5.     Repeat or create your own special rituals and traditions to mark the importance of “Emmanuel – God with us”.

6.     On Christmas Day, if you are free to plan your own party, you may want to plan a “God’s Mystery Dwelling” theme party and invite other people who are free that day to attend. Give each person a balloon and invite him or her to plan an hour they would like to spend with and for God while they blow up the balloon. Collect the balloons into a hanging “balloon bouquet”. Spend some time building and playing in a blanket tent in which you hide or create mystery gifts/sounds for others to guess at. Gather around your worship centre, light all candles from the Christ candle, and talk about the plans people blew into the balloons. Then have a shepherd-style snack together of cheese, breadsticks, and figs, seasoned with more stories of unexpected good surprises.

W Warm Christmas greetings from my home to yours. I’m taking a break form blogging till January 6th.


About Elsie Hannah Ruth Rempel

As a young senior whose life could easily have ended in a nasty car crash in 2012 I live with an extra dose of gratitude to God, humanity, and the wonders of our human bodies. I am a passionate advocate for ministry WITH children and seniors in the life and ministry of the church. I started working in Faith Formation with Mennonite Church Canada in 2002. Thinking and writing about faith helps me see God at work in all kinds of surprising places. I'd like to be remembered as one who encourages others to live into God's good dream for our world. My book, Please Pass the Faith: The Spiritual Art of Grandparenting, is one big way I'm trying to share that encouragement with my peers. This blog is another way I'd like to engage people who care about growing in faith across the generations.
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