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Spirituality with Clothes On?

A new book by this title ends with this question, “How will you put together the clothing of your life with the wardrobe of Christ?” It’s a great question to ponder, even if you haven’t read about the ways the … Continue reading

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Facing Dark Mountains

This Blog post from Practicing Parents includes a powerful story for all of us who need courage to face the next challenge, but it also reminded me of the blessings I used to get from engaging deeply with a  class … Continue reading

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6 Angles on Expanding our Communion Tables!

Come Lord Jesus, be our Host by Elsie Rempel illust. Joanna G. Pinkerton Come Lord Jesus be our Host helps us stop and take a good look at what we really believe about communion. It guides congregations as they navigate … Continue reading

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Getting on with it without getting over it

This spring I got to participate in  Hope Centre Ministries‘ IN conference for caregivers of those who live with disabilities. The IN stood for include, invite, inform,and inspire, and the conference did all of that and more. It was one … Continue reading

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Soul Keeping by John Ortberg

I really appreciate April’s review and wise perspective on the topic of soul care. Read on and enjoy: Soul Keeping by John Ortberg.

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Writing our Lives into God’s Challenging Script

Last week’s post held elements of lament and uncertainty that characterize much of the Western church’s current context. Other questions live on the underside of those uncertainties about naming God in the scripts of our lives. One of those questions … Continue reading

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Books for Parenting Special Children

All of our children are special and have unique needs. Even once children enter adulthood, they continue to keep concerned parents on a growing edge.  That’s normative of family life. However, the books on parenting that I read this past … Continue reading

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