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Spirituality with Clothes On?

A new book by this title ends with this question, “How will you put together the clothing of your life with the wardrobe of Christ?” It’s a great question to ponder, even if you haven’t read about the ways the … Continue reading

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5 Things I learned about Creating Safe Places for Abuse Survivors at Communion

This was the focus of a day long workshop I attended at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary on Jan 25, 2015. I’ve often thought about the difficulties this amazing ritual has for children and others who are not yet baptized, but … Continue reading

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Sharing about Family Conflict

Over the short life span of my blog, I’ve noticed sustained interest in a prayer  about family conflict. This may be because family conflict often glares in our eyes like the sun, and yet we have trouble naming it and … Continue reading

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What Do we believe about children?

My dad taught Sunday school for many years. He would often say, in German, that they’re all angels (Engel), but some of them have the letter B in front of that descriptor (Bengel = brats). That pithy saying summarizes the … Continue reading

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Catching God’s Rhythm

One of three foci at Faith Forward  was on the rhythm of our spiritual lives. Like  other rhythm, spiritual rhythm is created out of an intentional and regulated blend of sounds, or activities, and pauses.  The spiritual pausing in which … Continue reading

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Getting on with it without getting over it

This spring I got to participate in  Hope Centre Ministries‘ IN conference for caregivers of those who live with disabilities. The IN stood for include, invite, inform,and inspire, and the conference did all of that and more. It was one … Continue reading

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Soul Keeping by John Ortberg

I really appreciate April’s review and wise perspective on the topic of soul care. Read on and enjoy: Soul Keeping by John Ortberg.

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