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Lent Extravaganza!

This week, in the middle of Lent, when Lent seemed to be getting a little long in the tooth, a creative team from BC’s Frazer Valley helped me delve deeply into the texts of Lent 2016. Why? Because this is … Continue reading

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Open letter to young parents

I follow a number of parenting blogs to stay in touch with parenting issues for those with young children. These bloggers often comment about melt downs in the grocery aisles and other issues related to strong willed children. They lament … Continue reading

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Companions of Change

Canada Geese migrate over Manitoba. They add colour and context to our life rhythms. A few stay around all summer, but in spring and fall they become our special companions as we prepare for significant changes. Their various calls and … Continue reading

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Encountering God who anoints us

This past week I was in Iowa for a Mennonite Camping Convention. Meeting with Camp Folk who are passionate about nature, campers, and their faith is always a highlight, and this year was no exception. A highlight was officiating at … Continue reading

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Encountering God in our Temptations?

This plate of sweets tempts me. So do many other things. Temptation abounds for all of us. I rarely think of those temptations as potential God encounters. But that is this week’s worship theme in Leader, where seasonal worship resources … Continue reading

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On Blogging and Sausage Making?

A year ago, I committed to developing a blog as a discipline for Lent, something I had been encourage to try but had resisted for quite some time. Since then, I’ve done some other things for the first time, like … Continue reading

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Pete Seeger Tribute

Pete Seeger helped me grow in faith. As a teenager in the late sixties, I got to spend my summers working at a Mennonite Bible Camp. This is where I encountered Pete Seeger’s songs. I loved singing songs like his … Continue reading

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