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Thanks for the Memories Aunt Olly

A local celebrity  and shaper of children and childhood has died. Many Manitobans who grew up in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s raced home from school to tune in to Aunt Olly’s Children’s Party on the radio (Station CFAM). Listening to … Continue reading

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6 Angles on Expanding our Communion Tables!

Come Lord Jesus, be our Host by Elsie Rempel illust. Joanna G. Pinkerton Come Lord Jesus be our Host helps us stop and take a good look at what we really believe about communion. It guides congregations as they navigate … Continue reading

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Noel Moules and Healthy Church – Interview Part 2

If this wonderful post and interview intrigues you, please go back and check out the first part. My colleague, Kirsten, and I, were both deeply impressed by Noel Moules from the UK when he spoke on our camppus a while … Continue reading

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Open letter to young parents

I follow a number of parenting blogs to stay in touch with parenting issues for those with young children. These bloggers often comment about melt downs in the grocery aisles and other issues related to strong willed children. They lament … Continue reading

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Kids Get Older

Kids Get Older. This post by a young dad, and Mennonite pastor, provides a great example of what I was writing about in my last post. Thanks, Chris. Write on!

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What Do we believe about children?

My dad taught Sunday school for many years. He would often say, in German, that they’re all angels (Engel), but some of them have the letter B in front of that descriptor (Bengel = brats). That pithy saying summarizes the … Continue reading

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Books for Parenting Special Children

All of our children are special and have unique needs. Even once children enter adulthood, they continue to keep concerned parents on a growing edge.  That’s normative of family life. However, the books on parenting that I read this past … Continue reading

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