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We Care About The Crumbs

I’ve never thought about crumbs at Communion before, and don’t come from a sacramental tradition, but I love the way Laura Kelly Fanucci reflects on them. I’ve added a photo of a formerly controversial South African poster which inspired me … Continue reading

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5 Things I learned about Creating Safe Places for Abuse Survivors at Communion

This was the focus of a day long workshop I attended at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary on Jan 25, 2015. I’ve often thought about the difficulties this amazing ritual has for children and others who are not yet baptized, but … Continue reading

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6 Angles on Expanding our Communion Tables!

Come Lord Jesus, be our Host by Elsie Rempel illust. Joanna G. Pinkerton Come Lord Jesus be our Host helps us stop and take a good look at what we really believe about communion. It guides congregations as they navigate … Continue reading

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Children and the Future of the Church

The questions, “Will our children have faith?” and “Will our faith have children?” have been actively discussed in children’s ministry circles ever since John Westerhoff raised them in his classic critique of Christian education in his book, Will Our Children … Continue reading

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Entering a week of faith and doubt

There may be no better time to reflect on doubt and faith than this coming week, where worship services will lead us through the tumultuous Passion week. The biblical texts describing  this climactic week of Jesus’ earthly life boldly record … Continue reading

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Growing in Winter Seasons

Christmas is over, but its memories and lessons linger. I’ve swept up the pine needles and placed the drying Manitoba Spruce tree into a snow drift outside our living room window as a reminder of celebration and green in the … Continue reading

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On Linden Trees, roots and vision

This fall my congregation, Charleswood Mennonite Church,  turned 50. To mark the occasion we celebrated with good stories, food, music, fun, and ritual. The ritual that completed our Sunday morning worship included planting a Linden tree to mark the occasion. The … Continue reading

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