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4 Challenges of Parenting Parents with Dementia

This week I was deeply moved by a phone call by a woman asking about resources on the topic of dementia. It’s a close to home but hard to talk about topic. Here are a few of the real challenges … Continue reading

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Truth and Reconciliation with the Grandmothers

Photos: Stick Ceremony and Elkhorn Residential School (closed, 1949) Yesterday was a historic day for Canada. After six years of careful listening and recording of the stories of survivors of Canada’s Indian Residential Schools (the last of which closed in … Continue reading

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Facing Dark Mountains

This Blog post from Practicing Parents includes a powerful story for all of us who need courage to face the next challenge, but it also reminded me of the blessings I used to get from engaging deeply with a  class … Continue reading

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Sharing about Family Conflict

Over the short life span of my blog, I’ve noticed sustained interest in a prayer  about family conflict. This may be because family conflict often glares in our eyes like the sun, and yet we have trouble naming it and … Continue reading

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Catching God’s Rhythm

One of three foci at Faith Forward  was on the rhythm of our spiritual lives. Like  other rhythm, spiritual rhythm is created out of an intentional and regulated blend of sounds, or activities, and pauses.  The spiritual pausing in which … Continue reading

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Encountering God in our need for New Life – Lent 5

It is easy to get discouraged when we look around at the declining numbers of young people in our congregations, or when we read reports like EFC’s study, Hemorrhaging Faith, which documents why younger people are disassociating with the church. … Continue reading

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Seeing theology through the eyes of a child (3 of 3)

Through the Eyes of a Child: New Insights in Theology from a Child’s Perspective part A http://resources.mennonitechurch.ca/ResourceView/2/16005#sthash.AObfUyvU.dpuf Reading this collection of essays has been both challenging and stretching.  In the exchange between the realities of child experience and adult theological/psychological/educationist … Continue reading

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