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Thanks for the Memories Aunt Olly

A local celebrity  and shaper of children and childhood has died. Many Manitobans who grew up in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s raced home from school to tune in to Aunt Olly’s Children’s Party on the radio (Station CFAM). Listening to … Continue reading

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The Glories of Living on the Edge

  My FB friends have been posting pictures of spring’s glories for months. I’ve been able to experience some spring in other places as I traveled with my work.  But now it is finally coming to my home! Is it … Continue reading

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Lent Extravaganza!

This week, in the middle of Lent, when Lent seemed to be getting a little long in the tooth, a creative team from BC’s Frazer Valley helped me delve deeply into the texts of Lent 2016. Why? Because this is … Continue reading

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Prison Songs

Singing joyfully in prison surprised me almost as much as seeing a smile on this toe. The toe reminds me of a childhood game, “My grandfather’s big fat toe.” We’d sit in a row, usually on our front steps. The … Continue reading

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Writing our Lives into God’s Challenging Script

Last week’s post held elements of lament and uncertainty that characterize much of the Western church’s current context. Other questions live on the underside of those uncertainties about naming God in the scripts of our lives. One of those questions … Continue reading

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On Blogging and Sausage Making?

A year ago, I committed to developing a blog as a discipline for Lent, something I had been encourage to try but had resisted for quite some time. Since then, I’ve done some other things for the first time, like … Continue reading

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Lent Surprises!

Lent Surprises I’ve been encouraged to blog, and yes, I’ve found it challenging. Research on Boomers tells me I’m a few years too old to enjoy playing with technology, and more inclined to see it as a tool for meeting … Continue reading

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